It can be extremely frustrating when we feel like there is an insurmountable expanse between where we feel that we currently are and where we desire to be. At times we watch ourselves undermine the things we truly want and feel a complete loss of control, as we repeat patterns that don’t seem to work for us.

My approach to individual therapy integrates a variety of therapeutic techniques to build on your existing strengths. Our work together will also take into account the many beliefs, stories, and/or historical implications that inform the way we experience the world, how we experience ourselves and how we believe others experience us.

Relationships can be integral and beneficial aspects of our lives, they can also be a contributing factor to the emotional turmoil that we experience. Conflict pops up in every relationship , these issues can help us gain better understanding of ourselves and the people who are important to us. At times the conflict can be resolved through the communication of feelings and compromise. Sometimes however, we have a much more difficult time navigating and negotiating it.

Regardless of whether you are struggling within a close relationship, within your family system, or if the relationships have come to an end, there are a variety of ways that we can work to improve the existing situation and move towards new and more beneficial forms of relationships. Using an integrative approach, we can work together to gain new insights on preexisting problems and discover ways to improve, cope with and/or heal from relationships.

Families consist of whomever you feel belongs to your family system. As such, family therapy can include all members of a family including, but not limited to, close friends, grandparents, extended family members, adult children and people with religious or spiritual connections to you.

Couples therapy involves two individuals who have a relationship. As such, it can consist of romantic partners , best/close friends etc.

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy can help provide support for struggles including, but not limited to:

Anxiety - such as panic attacks, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder
Marital/Relationship issues - such as infidelity, emotional distance, loss of sexual interest
Intense and difficult to manage emotions - such as anger, sadness and isolation
Family conflicts - such as sibling conflict, parent-child conflict, insecure attachments
Personal issues - such as low self-esteem, sexual dysfunctions and concerns, stress management, anger management, self-harm behaviours

There are times when we find ourselves feeling alone and isolated, held hostage by issues that we feel only we struggle with. In situations such as these, It can be helpful and eye-opening to meet others who are grappling with similar problems. The groups I co-facilitate are known as process groups, which means that much of the material originates organically from the group members and what they want to express and/or discuss, in addition to flexible, predetermined topics. The purpose of this type of approach is to allow members to express their feelings, thoughts and concerns, while giving and receiving constructive feedback and feel supported and heard by the group.

Through the group process, group members are able to begin discovering news ways of coping and experience growth in many areas of their lives. This process helps to make it possible for group members to begin engaging with, and living out, their preferred identities, as well as their preferred lives. This structure also enables group members to develop more of an awareness of their relational interactions and how they are perceived by others. My role as group co-facilitator involves helping to create a space where participants can learn from each another and examine their own roles and actions.

Group Therapy can help provide support for struggles including, but not limited to:

Sexual dysfunction
Maintenance of relapse prevention plans

This form of therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with individual therapy.

This is an interactive group therapy setting that brings you and your friends and/or family members together to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment. The goals of this flexible single therapy session are to deepen the bonds of friendship, increase intimacy and promote healing, or to help support laying the groundwork for predetermined goals.

Using narrative, solution focused and collaborative techniques this process allows for an exploration of your current selves with a focus on moving towards our preferred or ideal selves or friendships, with the support of your friends and/or family members, under the guidance of a trained Therapist.

*Getting together to Grow Together requires a minimum of 3 participants

In addition to counselling and therapeutic services, I perform forensic social work services and psychosocial assessments. I also conduct workshops and facilitate discussions that focus on mental health for large and small audiences, in classrooms and professional spaces.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”